Enrolment Process



To attend Woofs House Dog Daycare your dog must be:

  • Displaying signs of good health, so to make sure the health and well being of all the other dogs in out care is not comprimised, as Woofs House Dog Daycare reserves the right to not allow a dog into Woofs House Dog Daycare if it displays any signs of illness.
  • Fully vaccinated and hold a current C5 vaccination certificate.
  • On a strict flea treatment program - if fleas are found on your dog you will be contacted to either come and collect your dog or it will be treated on the spot and you will charged accordingly.
  • Up to date with worming.
  • On a monthly or yearly heatworm treatment.
  • At any age providing the full round of vaccinations, worming and flea treatments are complete and up to date.
  • Sterilized, unless under six months of age.
  • Social and non aggressive.



You can enrol your dog by filling out the enrolment form found on this website and attaching the needed information and certificates.

Or you can request an enrolment form to be posted to your address by contacting us.  

**please include copies of your dogs vaccination and sterilization certificates and proof of regular flea and heartworm treatment when returning the enrolment form**


Once your dogs enrolment form has been received and the vaccination and sterilization certificates are confirmed we will contact you to organize orientation for you and your dog.

  • Orientation time will be arranged during a suitable time Monday to Friday.
  • At the orientation remember to keep your dog on a lead at all times until a Woofs House Dog Daycare staff allow your dog off the lead.
  • Orientation will include letting your dog explore the new surroundings while a staff member will explain to you more about Woofs House Dog Daycare and answer any questions you may have.
  • When orientation is completed and you and your dog are happy with Woofs House Dog Daycare we will then organize a trial day for your dog.
  • On trial day your dog must be at Woofs House Dog Daycare at 7.15am - this is so it is not too overwhelming for your dog when it meets the other dogs when they arrive - Trial day is at the same cost as a normal day at Woofs House Dog Daycare.
  • During the day Woofs House Dog Daycare will assess your dogs progress and behaviour in the daycare environment, because like children, not all dogs will enjoy or be suitable for daycare.
  • If your dog is successful then we will organize for them to be booked in for more days at Woofs House Dog Daycare.


What to bring on a usual day at Woofs House Dog Daycare:

  • Your dog wearing a collar (no choker chains) and id tag - please note that dogs must be walked at all times on a lead to and from the reception.
  • Any play lunch you wish to bring with them.
  • Any medications with clear directions.
  • Jumpers for the cooler months - please make sure jumpers are clearly labelled with your dogs name.

** Please do not bring any favourite toys, bones or chew treats as they may not get enjoyed solely by your dog alone **

**Please note also that if you apply topical flea treatments to your dog there is water and pools and splashing involved at Woofs House Dog Daycare which may affect the effectiveness of the flea treatment. It is advised that you apply it at least two days prior to your dog attending Woofs House Dog Daycare**